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Bae Hawk TI, 4 Flying Training School, RAF Valley 2011 Display Aircraft
Product Code: AA36010

The 2011 Display Hawk has been wowing the crowds throughout the United Kingdom this year. Operating out of RAF Valley on the island of Anglesey, the display team is the public face of 4 Flying Training school (FTS). The Hawk has been put through its paces throughout the year by Flt. Lt. Jules Fleming, who also performed great displays towards the end of 2010 in the Hawk display aircraft. A highly capable pilot, she flew Tornado GR4s over Afghanistan and Iraq in support of allied operations.

Flt. Lt. Fleming has proved to be an excellent exponent of the Hawk’s awesome aerobatic abilities, demonstrating that a solo display can be just as spectacular as the massed displays by its famous red counterparts.

The scheme celebrates a number of anniversaries and recognises not only the 70th anniversary of RAF Valley, now one of the country’s most important and vital air sea rescue bases, but also the 90th anniversary of 208 Squadron, which makes up a vital part of 4 FTS.